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We have two shipping seasons: Summer (which is basically spring, summer, and fall — approximately April 15 to November 15) and Winter (approximately November 15 to April 15). During the Winter shipping season we use USPS Express Mail shipping only! During the Summer shipping season we use USPS Priority Mail. (We no longer offer UPS service.) If you place an order during the Winter shipping season, and you choose a shipping method other than USPS Express Mail, we will assume that you want us to wait until the Summer shipping season to ship your order. If you use our recommended shipping method (see below), we guarantee safe delivery of your plants and/or leaves. We ship on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, so that the plants will not be held on weekends by the carrier.

Shipping charges are calculated automatically at checkout. Also, you can use the Shipping Estimator in your shopping cart at any time. Shipping rates are based on the number of plants/leaves ordered, the chosen shipping method, and your location.

Summer Shipping

Approximately April 15 to November 15, our weather permitting. During the months of July and August, some shipments may be delayed to areas where the weather is extremely hot. Orders sent to us during the Winter shipping season by customers who want to "get in line early" for Summer shipping (and do not want Winter shipping) are accumulated and held. When our weather permits, orders are shipped to our customers in the same sequence in which we received them. Once we have finished shipping the backlog of accumulated orders (usually in June), incoming orders are shipped out right away. Please be patient.

U.S. Postal Service (Priority Mail)

Please note: The U.S. Postal Service states that Priority Mail service packages are usually delivered in 2 to 3 days. Packages are delivered on schedule most of the time, but the USPS does not guarantee this delivery time, and we cannot be responsible if your package does not arrive within 2 to 3 days of shipping.

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Winter Shipping Tables

Winter Shipping

Approximately November 15 to April 15, our weather permitting. Plants are shipped in insulated boxes, with heat packs inside to maintain warmth. Plants are usually shipped within one week of receiving your order, unless we experience extremely cold weather. In this case, we will hold your order until the temperatures moderate back upwards, so that conditions are more favorable for survival. Note that shipping rates include not only the actual postage, but also the cost of the box, insulation, heat packs, labor in constructing the box, picking, packing and delivering your order to the post office.

U.S. Postal Service (Express Mail)

Safe delivery during Winter shipping season is only guaranteed when shipped by Express Mail! Express Mail provides overnight delivery to most areas within the continental United States. Some remote areas may receive delivery on the second day. A signature is required to accept delivery. Please give us an address where you (or another) will be able to sign for the package. Otherwise, you may need to pick up the package at your local post office. You may waive the signature requirement, but we cannot guarantee safety of plants when this is done! It is important that live plants are not left outside in the elements in cold climates.

The USPS now uses “dimensional weight,” which drastically raises the price of shipping. Any box over 12 inches square (12” x 12” x 12”) will now fall into this category. Once you order 10 plants or more, you will now fall into this higher rate. If we are able to use the next size smaller box when packing your order, we will credit you the difference in price.

Number of Plants Box Size Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3
1 to 3 8" x 6" x 9" $40.50 $50.50 $60.50
4 to 6 10" x 8" x 9" $43.50 $53.50 $63.50
7 to 9 12" x 12" x 9" $46.50 $56.50 $66.50
10 to 15 14" x 14" x 9" $90.00 $110.00 $115.00
16 to 25 16" x 16" x 9" $110.00 $125.00 $130.00
26 to 40 25" x 17" x 10" $150.00 $175.00 $185.00

Number of Leaf Pkgs. Box Size Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3
1 to 9 8" x 6" x 9" $44.50 $53.50 $55.50
10 to 18 10" x 8" x 9" $44.50 $53.50 $55.50
19 to 29 12" x 12" x 9" $49.50 $60.50 $63.00
30 to 45 14" x 14" x 9" $90.00 $110.00 $115.00